Strictly implement the ISO9001 quality control process, pay attention to the quality control of all links of production, strictly implement and record the incoming, prenatal, production and delivery inspection, and the quality is controllable and traceable. Customer oriented, continuously improve customer satisfaction and product quality, and steadily improve cost improvement ability.

Low voltage tester

Low voltage tester

Pipe fitting gas test

Shower test water

Tap temperature tester

Hose tensile testing machine

Salt spray tester

Quality certification

Our company has passed iso9001:2015 / GB / t19001:2015 quality system certification, and constant temperature products meet en1111-2017 and en1287; Some products have passed wras, VA, STF and other certification. The laboratory is equipped with comprehensive testing machine, thermostatic faucet temperature testing machine, life testing machine, low-pressure flow testing machine, hose performance testing machine, salt spray testing machine, etc.